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Jarida la Kusafiri #6 - Beer Festival

The Great British Beer Festival takes place in the New Bingley Hall in Birmingham over the 4th till the 8th this month. Beers of every style and shade will be available, served in cask, KeyKeg and bottle and here at Muratina we have some cocktail suggestions that will keep your beer frenzy alive over the festival.

Black Velvet

The drink was created in 1861 by the bartender of the Brooks’s Club in London to mourn the death of Prince Albert.

A variation of this drink can be made using cider or perry instead of Champagne.

To prepare, half fill Champagne flutes with Guinness, then slowly top them up with chilled Champagne.

Hangman's Blood

This cocktail was devised in the 1960s by novelist and playwright Anthony Burgess, who is perhaps best known for the novel, A Clockwork Orange.

We recommend this for a quick, though expensive, lift.

It contains a double shot of gin, rum, whisk(e)y, brandy and Port all poured into a pint glass. To this add 120ml of Champagne and the pint is then topped up with Guinness.

Beer Margarita

To make this cocktail combine 6oz each of frozen (undiluted) limeade, tequila and lager in a blender with ice and blend until smooth. If you feel so inclined garnish with a slice of lime.


As with the Beer Margarita this is a take on a traditional cocktail, with a beer twist.

In fact, it’s more of an addition than a twist, the idea with adding a beer to this cocktail is to add just a touch of bitterness.

For this drink use 60ml of white rum, two wedges lime, two wedges lemon, and 30ml of larger.


Possibly a flashback to student days, and is not generally a cocktail that requires a great deal of skill by a bartender.

Served in a pint glass, it contains a half pint of lager, a half-pint of cider and a dash of blackcurrant.

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