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Jarida la Kusafiri #37 - Bw. Chazea

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

We're finally back guys after a long and painful restocking period, and we want to make a special apology to everyone who has supported our journey this far and we can assure you this will be the only and last time this occurs!

So our new brand is Bw. Chazea which is the 5 times distilled version of the traditional

Kenyan beverage Chang'aa infused with passion fruit. The name Bwana is mister in Swahili and Chazea is a fusion of Chang'aa and the scientific name of corn, Zea Mays; which is the main ingredient for fermenting Chang'aa. Unlike vodka, gin, or rum; Bw. Chazea is classified as Chang'aa due to the way it is made as corn, millet, or sorghum is used to ferment the beverage, whereas vodka for example uses cereal.

In Kenya, Chang'aa is actually illegal and deemed as an illicit brew due to the way it is made as the distillers do not possess the required chemistry background and use very unhygenic means to produce the beverage. For example, river water is which is a major ingredient is used which is contaminated and this coupled with unsanitised equipment often leads to blindness and even death. Thus Bw. Chazea aims to solve this problem as it is an art but poorly crafted, through using the correct means and addiing our style to give it the shine it deserves.

Bw Chazea will be available for sale on the 7th of November and feel free to order online and see if it looks and meets your taste buds expectations.

Till we meet again!

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