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Jarida la Kusafiri #15 - Sauti Za Busara

The Sauti za Busara festival, which translates to "Sounds of Wisdom," is held every year in February in Stone Town, on the Zanzibar island in Tanzania.

The unique mix of artists and audiences at Sauti za Busara are the key to its success. 29,000 people from all corners of the world attended over four days in February 2020, only a month before the first coronavirus case was recorded in Tanzania. Thankfully, the number of fatalities has remained low in this country.

However, bearing in mind travel restrictions and other uncertainties around the pandemic, the next festival will be a two-day edition.

So if you're in Zanzibar or enjoying from your home in the UK; here are some food pairings that you would find at Sauti za Busara;

Meat Samosa

It really doesn’t get any simpler. Make your filling, buy some samosa wrappers, grab a muffin tray, bake, fill, presto!

This is a great starter to have with any dish and makes for a great snack too. Meat samosas can be found at a stand all over Zanzibar and are made with herbs and vegetables with beef.

Haraambee Nyamachoma

This goes without saying and is a very popular charcoal grill platter. Tender pieces of Lamb chops, spicy chicken wings, goat meat cutlets and spicy beef sausages are all marinated in a selection of aromatic herbs and spices. This is served with grilled tomatoes, corn and traditional ugali.

Pork muchomo (Wandegeya style)

This delicious dish includes spicy succulent pork ribs served with cassava chips and Kachumbali sauce.

Wandegeya is a neighbourhood in Kampala (Uganda's capital) and gets its name from the weaver birds that inhabit the area. So you may be wondering if you'll find this in Zanzibar, and the answer is yes, the sheer size of Sauti za Busara most East African dishes are around; just ask a local!

If your taste buds are watering, all this can be ordered from Exceline Restaurant and Catering to bring the Sauti za Busara flavour to your door!

Exceline Restaurant and Catering

529 High Rd Leytonstone,



E11 4PB

Phone: 02079981700, 02034178010

Mobile: 07961343705


To pair nicely with your meal order some Muratelia to wash it all down with!!

Until Next Time.....Enjoy!!

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