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Jarida la Kusafiri #2 - Drinking Games

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Whether your with a friend or with someone your getting to know... Here are our top 3 drinking games for 2 people for breaking the ice or to keep the engagement entertaining:

Truth or Drink:

The Rules:

- Each person says 3 things describing themselves

- 2 of them must be the truth and 1 must be a lie

- The other person must then guess which 1 is a lie and if they are right the other person drinks if they're wrong, they have to drink.

Drunk War:

This is another fun game for 2, but you'll need to have a card deck...

The Rules:

- Each player gets half the card deck each

- Both players have their cards facing down

- Each player then flips the top card and whoever has the lower card has to drink

- If the card is the same (e.g. 2 Queens) then both players must drink

Would you rather...?

This game is another great ice breaker but requires both players to download the 'What Would You Choose? Rather' app from Impossible Choices Game to play.

The rules:

- On the app you will be given a series of questions and each player will need to pick an answer

- After both players have answered, which ever answer (that was chosen) scored less than 50% that or both players have to drink.

- FYI it is also okay for both players to choose the same answers

Well there you have it, somehing interesting to break the ice or keep the engagement entertaining.

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