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Matching Food & Drinks

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Whatever the occasion, excite your meals with great wines and cocktails.

Welcome to the Muratina blog post, where you will find the latest insights and trends into the world of alcohol. As the first blog post, I think it's only right to talk about food and beverages.

Wine Pairing

Anything can technically pair with anything, and really comes down to your taste buds and what you like. However, there are some pairs that you may want to try.

White Wine

Foods that go well with white wine tend to be light dishes, being white meats such as fish, chicken, pasta, and salads. These foods tend to go easy with white wines, and are perfect beverages for starter meals. Some of the time, your starter meals can be quite spicy and so white wines tend to help in cutting through the spice as you enjoy your meal.

Sparkling wines tend to pair well with acidic foods. These are foods that you would want to squeeze a lemon onto such as a roasted fish or fried chicken. This is also the same with salty foods such as spicy chicken tenders or mixed nuts, as it brings a whole new flavour and texture to it.

Red Wine

Red wine usually tends to be taken during the main course of your meal, and pair well with red meats such as steak and ribs. As the main course is usually a heavy meal, this bodes well with the earthy texture of a red wine.

Rose wines are quite unique in that they combine light crispness of a white and the fruitiness of a red, thus they make a great beverage for meals that have salads or rice with meat such as a curry.


Pair like a Bartender

Cocktails are great for food pairing as you can always suit the mix to what your having to eat. Dry Martini's are great for starter meals or light dishes especially spicy foods as they provide a nice way of balancing the flavours. Mai Tai's are great with hearty meals such as ribs and steaks and this is due to its fruity compounds. The Black Russian (BR) is a great beverage for deserts after your meal and pair well with cakes or puddings, mainly die to its creamy texture.

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